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Are you acting like an adult elephant

​Are You Acting Like an Adult Elephant?​ | No BS Coaching Advice


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter uses the story of how baby and adult elephants are trained to encourage you.


The question that I’m going to ask you is, “Are you an adult elephant?” Let me explain the context.

When they train baby elephants, the baby elephant is absolutely wild and berserk, just like a young child is. So, what they do is they drive a stake deep into the ground, put a chain on it, chain  the baby elephant around its foot, and the baby elephant eventually learns to be compliant.

Let’s fast forward and we ask you the question, “how do you train an adult elephant?” Answer. You drive a small stake into the ground, not too far because it isn’t necessary. You take a rope, tie it around the adult elephant’s foot and the adult elephant remembers and never tries to break

Alright, so I asked you, are you an adult elephant? Are you basically taking other people’s commands because you become facile and compliant? Is that what you are doing?

It’s time to be a little bit freer in life? What’s at risk for you to break that chain and explode and be magnificent? It’s not like you’re really going to lose your job because it’s not like I’m inviting you to take out an Uzi or anything. I’m asking it to be magnificent in your work. And,, if your firm can’t tolerate it, to get to an organization that would love you just the way you really are, not the way that you’ve been trained to be by the elephant trainer.



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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