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I was angry at my wife last night. We’ve gone out to a store and when it came time to pay, I took out my phone to use Apple Pay and when asked for facial ID wouldn’t read my face with the mask on it. Standing behind a plexiglass screen, I pulled out my mask a little bit to get the phone to recognize me and she stepped in between me and the screen and asked me what I was doing. She is sorted to, what felt like, lecture me. I moved her away and completed the transaction. The conversation continued in the car.

What was my anger about?

For her, it was about safety.

For me, it was really about being 70 years old.

We were arguing about two different things.

Sometimes you will have an argument with someone professionally (or personally) that has nothing to do with what you are arguing about in the moment.

For me, that I am at risk is frustrating.

Maybe you will recognize that situation appear professionally for you at some point in the future when an argument breaks out over something simple.


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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