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A few pieces of choice advice from US News & World Report


I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m a coach who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways and here in my career angles videos I want to just
talk with you about some basic career advice that I picked up on US News and
World Report I don’t look at the the page or the magazine I should say very
often and I stumbled into an article because frankly a Google agent delivered
it to me and there’s some really nice pointers here I thought I would share
one came from a woman named Debra Lybyer where she says
treat everyone you meet as a potential employer every task you complete this
part of your interview and keep every door open you’ll never know what’s out
there for you if you don’t allow every possible opportunity to come your way
and that fits in with something I tell people all the time the person who gets
ahead isn’t always the smartest or work the hardest although those are great
qualities to have people get ahead by being alert to opportunity sometimes
they are internal to an organization. More often than not, they’re external. A
lot of people offered advice about persistence and resilience, especially in
the face of defeat I’m going to differentiate defeat from failure
because I think most people misinterpret the two. Failure is complete and absolute.
in contrast defeat is well it’s a one-time occurrence something didn’t
work. You wound up missing something with the result being that it didn’t
quite work out. So, you don’t need me to remind you about the need to
bounce back. So . . . and for some reason the screen keeps shifting on me . . . I apologize
I’m just going to try and see if I can bring that to an end
so don’t tell Joe don’t tell don’t just talk about your accomplishments and your
successes. Demonstrate your excellence to people. Find a mentor. Obviously, I could
talk about a coach but if you can find someone internal to your organization
who can guide you as a mentor I all means do it the hard thing with mentors
is often when selected by the organization they don’t give objective
advice they give the advice that serves the institution rather than the
individual that they’re mentoring. It’s why coaching often is better. But if that’s
what you need, take the mentor and and work with that. The
last thing is take advantage of opportunities your firm presents to you
and the result will wind up being you’ll wind up being on more
committees more visible and you’ll have a chance to expand yourself in a lot of
different ways there’s a lot more but I thought today these would be a few good
points for you..

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Have a great day! Be great!


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Career angles
Career angles

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