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As I sat and listened to a number of well-educated people of different races, backgrounds and sexual orientations speak about what it was like to live in their world, I was reminded of how little I know about people who are different than I am.

In your work place, you may assume that the woman working nearby has a husband (and she has a wife), has a child who has some physical similarity to her (she adopted her child from another country) and, because she is of a similar age to you, has some similar issues to you.

You may think the man two doors down from you has a wife of the same race and religion as he, when he married someone from Latin America or Asia and they have children who are biracial.

Assuming we know a lot about someone else is a mistake, particularly with people whose backgrounds are different than ours. Their partner may be like many a doctor in their country of origin and are completely unable to work because of the visa system which often takes years to permit someone who legally entered the US to be able to work.

Asking people who are different than you and then making it safe for them to tell you the truth about their experience will open enormous new vistas in your professional success.


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