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In this No B. S. Coaching video, I speak about fear in your life and stepping through it.


hi I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and i’m here today with some No BS Coaching
advice to help you with life to help you with your career to just basically help
you and i was reminded of this last evening I belong to a men’s group and I
went to last night’s meeting and normally while there I do allow the
coaching and facilitating but I wanted to be supported so I put myself the
position of trusting someone to work with me and I was looking at busting
through some of my fear now I’m a guy who holds a lot of tension in my body I
take on a lot of responsibility I work hard if you just look at all the stuff
that I do to help people with their work by creating videos by headhunting by
doing podcasts by publishing an e-zine (discontinued) all these different things end up to a lot
of time. And to do them well, there’s a lot of pressure on me. And as I add
coaching to my repertoire move more aggressively into that space I was
really feeling the burdens last night. Now, I wound up doing a piece of psychodrama work
there and then starting to work with someone who’s coaching me on working
through some of this stuff but it reminded me that I’m not alone in
needing the bust through fear and get to the other side. Now, in coaching, you know
you can work with someone, me, for example, work with someone who’s going to help
you become even better don’t think of being coached as taking someone who’s
thinks you’re defective and is going to fix you. It’s really about taking someone
who’s exceptional and making them more so, taking someone who is doing very well
and may have a rough spot here or there were just not feeling
fulfilled and busting through the fear and getting to the other side whether
it’s me or someone else I want to encourage you find someone that coaching
It works with athletes. If you think about a basketball, football or a
baseball team, all the players know what to do but they’ve got a conductor, a
manager, a coach who works with them to ensure they’re all on the same page at
the same time in order to excel who tries their best to put them in the
position to succeed because individually it wouldn’t work but when they do it
collectively, it can. For those in individual sports, whether it’s a golfer
or tennis player whatever the sport might be they all have coaches to help
them because they can see things that the player can’t and point out things
that the player can’t see they may see the result but they don’t necessarily
know what to do most people i run into use coaching because there’s some place
in their life that isn’t working as well as they’d like. Maybe it’s professional
maybe it’s personal doesn’t matter but there’s a place we’re working with a
coach to make a difference to you. I’m. Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful.
My website is . . . well my major site is the. and I’m expanding with advice to help you with some samples of online
coaching that I’ve done with people to help them look at some of the places
that they could do better than their work in their personal lives visit
either or both. The content that’s going to be on is also
in the blog area of site is really
geared toward that part of my life that helps people find work more readily
so there’s tons of videos related to job search on hiring and a few for
recruiters, as well. But NoBSCoachingAdvice,com is going to look at that coaching part of
my life and give you some samples give you some ideas I think I’ll be I’m Jeff
Open. hope you found this helpful. Hope you have a great day. Take care!



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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