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Playing to your abilities. playing to your strengths. Going against the grain. Hmm.


I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and you are listening to the No BS Coaching Advice podcast.

I was reading a book recently called,, “The Spark, The Flame and The Torch” by Lance Secretan.   On page 122,  he included a quote by Howard Thurman. It reads, “Follow the grain in your own wood.”   If you think about how people deal with wood,  you can either go with the grain or against it.   For you, you know your true self.

It doesn’t mean that you should ignore other people.   I want to be absolutely clear about that.   We live in an interrelated society.   We live in an interrelated world.  It is so important to take care of others and not be so self-indulgent and so self-absorbed that all we do is look at ourselves.

When do we look at ourselves,  who will fight hard to change who we really are to conform, or are we being true to ourselves?   My hope is that whether you are looking at the show from the standpoint of how to improve your work life or personal life, that you think in terms of who you really are, what will work best for you.

I want to be clear, You may want to change some things but the crux of who you are, what exists within you at a deep level Is who you are. ..  You may change some of the cosmetics.  That’s fine.   If you are fighting to do it, that is going against the grain of the wood.   I’m not so sure that that is a good idea.

However, if you can think in terms of how can you be true to yourself while serving others, you’ve got a hit.

I hope you found the show helpful.  I’ll be back soon with more..   If you are interested in my coaching you.   If you’re interested my coaching you,, email me at JeffAltman@TheBigGameHunter.

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