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I tell the story of two dragons, one domesticated and one wild, as a metaphor for talking about the importance of taking a break

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Hi, I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. And I’m back with some fun coaching advice for you. That will be really easy. Yeah, right!

So, I’ve been reading a copy of “The Artist’s Way At Work.” I’ll have a link to it in the show notes. And chapter two starts off with a wonderful story about a domesticated dragon. Now, the way the story goes, the domesticated dragon has forgotten everything that dragons do. And, one day, it looks up into the sky, and hears the sound of a vibrant full which dragon and that dragon swoops down and picks up the domesticated dragon in its mouth, flies it up into the heavens and then drops drops it down to the ground where it close to the ground, the wild dragon catches it in its mouth again, flies it up to the heavens, does the same thing. And they go into this circle of rising and dropping several times before the domesticated dragon starts flapping its wings and flying again. How does this relate to you?

Many of you become trained dragons. You have the urge, and the desire to be dragons, but you really don’t do a heck of a lot about that. You don’t really live freely and you may have forgotten what your natural tendencies are. There are lots of different ways that you could be reminded or refreshed about that. But, at the end of the day, you become a pet.

I’ll simply say that the suggestion from the book is one day a week to go off by yourself for a while and just be. Now, if you’re self-employed and you think that’s your time to go to the gym, well, that counts only if you haven’t done that in a year. It’s a part of the normal routine– that doesn’t count. Go to a movie, get yourself out, and, before you click to the next video. Listen to me for a second.

Again, your best ideas may come when you’re not focused on creating your best ideas. Think for second about how some of the best ideas have come to you. Have they been while you’ve been working, trying to develop good ideas or if they just spontaneously popped into your mind when you were off doing something else? For me, the answer was real clear. It’s the second, not the former.

Give yourself the opportunity to play. Go off for a while by yourself. Take lunch by yourself once a week. And, if you do this on the weekend, get a few hours by yourself, to enjoy life and to enjoy the experience of being by yourself.

I confess I feel uncomfortable doing this because, if you haven’t noticed, I work real hard, but I’m taking the challenge. I’m really going to go off and do it this week and ensuing weeks, I need to take a break in order to feel richer. I think you do, too.

I’m Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful. And you can visit my websites, and I have a lot more there.

Again, have a great day. Take care



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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