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Business leaders and their managers often have trouble with “the difficult conversation” . . . and it’s important.


Ever been in the situation where you have to, shall we say, have a difficult
conversation with someone? I know I have. I suspect the same is true of you, too.
I’m Jeff off in the big game hunter I’m a coach who helps people professionally
in a number of different ways. It could be involved with a job search, highly
more effectively managing and leading workplace related issues executive
coaching helping people perform at a higher level the things that they do and
this surfaced as a result of a conversation I had yesterday with
someone who I coach who was in a situation where you know this way yes
for something, didn’t get it, asked for something a second time didn’t get it. The
third oh I’m so sorry still didn’t get it
and then winds up with a meeting with the two parties with himself in this
other person his boss and that person’s boss is in the room and he goes
passive-aggressive on the person who winds up losing in this case and I’ll
just say that if you’re in a situation like this you never let it get to the
phase where the meeting is going on because you look like the bad guy to
surface it in there. It should have been handled before. How do you handle this?
Now, most of the time, the advice that’s given
basically talks about walking over to someone’s desk and saying, “you got a minute?
I’d like to talk with you about such-and-such.” Who does that anymore? We are all
texting and emailing . This isn’t about coronavirus. This is just
the way people work. So, you might send them a message that says something effective you know
I’m curious. Is there something that I’m doing or not doing . . . ” I’m past the point of “you
gotta minute? Because I’d like to talk with you about this situation. If not now,
Do you have time around 4? If not what time works better for you and then you try
and sort it out But I don’t know what. I’m doing to tick you off in some way
because if it’s something they’ve done let me know I’ll correct it but I need
what you have.” Then, from there . . . Actually, let me back up . . .
Going into the conversation, you have to know what the outcome is you want to get.
From there, when you start having the conversation, you only your part of this.
“I don’t know if there’s something I’ve done to take you off in this but, if there is,
let me know what it is. I don’t want there to be an issue between us.
on the other person to own up to their part of this,
as well. From there, you listen and you think them at the end. “Thank you. I had
no idea. I really appreciate that. And I’ll just simply say, you can never let it go on
long. Like in this situation, “I really appreciate that. I’ll just simply say, you
never let it go on for long. Like in this situation, I
started off with three instances and then the meeting where it comes out indirectly
He wound up looking badly because he made a comment that allowed everyone to leap on him.
instead of dealing with this by escalating it internally or talking with the person to resolve the issue.
no matter difficult conversations are essential avoiding them is a mistake and
one that you can’t really afford to me because you wind up being the loser on
all of this.

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have a great day and take care


No BS Management Advice | Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
No BS Management Advice | Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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