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You’re trying to schedule interview yet your calendar is clearly out of control. Use technology not email to manage it.


Hi, I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. And I’m back with some more No BS Hiring Advice, to help you do a better job of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, staffing, the whole ball of wax. And, this one, I must say, comes from a friend of mine, who’s a manager with a firm, and he’s applied for a position with a large organization. I don’t want identify industries for anyone, but I’ll just simply describe the scenario.

He knows my advice about applying for a job but couldn’t figure out an entry point. So, he went in through HR and, I suspect, the applicant tracking system. So, he receives an email from them and it tries to schedule the interview. Great. So, he replies back same day, let’s see now, that evening within two hours. So, they sent it out before six. He responds back that evening after 8pm with his availability,

He doesn’t get a response for three days. And then it progresses to an apology which is good. My calendar was filled up this week. Do you have availability next week Tuesday to Friday? He gets back within an hour and a half says Wednesday onwards should be fine, offers availability and asks what time is good for her and says he can clear his calendar quickly.

“Thursday, I’m free,” is the response. So it’s looking good at this point. And she offers availability to which he responds. Within four minutes . . . four minutes! he responds with his availability that fits her calendar to which . . . she ignores him.

A few days later, let’s see . . . six days later he writes again, saying “I haven’t received the confirmation.” “Oh, I’m so sorry. How about this alternate time on Friday,” And he progressed to “I can’t do Friday.” So, this is the first time he’s saying,’No,” to a suggestion from me.

At which point, her time doesn’t work but he can do noon. To which she responds, and this is precious, talking about an urgent fire drill. I must in all candor say, “what fire drill is it? But I want to have someone from my coordination team help with this and get back on the calendar.” So, from initial contact to this point where the urgent fire drill message goes out . . . 10 days have elapsed 10 days of back and forth and no contact from me.

Now, technology can solve this so easily. Why not use your tech with your availability and open up the calendar to someone who you’re trying to schedule? Let them plugging into spots. Also, there are applications like I think calendly is one as a calendar app to connect with Outlook, and allow you to offer your schedule out to someone so they can plug into it if you work in an institution that would allow that.

Well, I suspect, what you can do is connect your Outlook calendar to your phone, connect . . . whatever. You have to use technology and email to close this loop. Talk to tech support people at your firm and get a better solution the back and forth of email.

This isn’t a unique situation with this firm. I’m not criticizing the firm here; stuff happens. But this is what I live with all the time is the back and forth of email and calendars and time elapsing because people are are being pulled in different directions. And the impact is you never get to see a terrific individual, because you can’t manage your own time. Like I said, talk to your support people. talk with him about a solution that will allow you to do more efficient scheduling, and this back and forth of email



No BS Hiring Advice
No BS Hiring Advice

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