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Placing limits on yourself is like putting the collar around your neck. Why?


I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people and organizations to be more
effective and I run a group on Facebook called career angles. It’s about work,
being effective at work, different ideas about work, not a lot of discussion going
on yet. There will be. Come join it. You have to request entry but, again,
come join it’s a great place to get information. This is a video where I want
to talk with you about limits and to look at how you place limits on yourself
so, so often, not just professionally but personally as well. So I want to ask a
provocative question and I’m gonna start answering some of the replies to it. Why
can’t you get everything that you want?. I’ll repeat that one. Why can’t you get
everything that you want? “Oh, that’s unreasonable. No one’s going to give me
everything that I want.” and you decide for other people how far they should go
and by putting limits on yourself, you make a decision for others why. Why do
you make that decision? You know I watch politicians sometimes make decisions
that are “reasonable.” “This is a reasonable alternative for that
crazy idea but there’s been a lot of crazy ideas that have changed people’s
minds professionally. You can be in a situation where you’ve got the right
idea and are just afraid and the result winds up being you don’t show up fully.
Showing up fully is a huge part of life and in being a nice guy or a good girl
you wind up missing out on having everything that you want. I want
to be clear. I’m not encouraging you to be rude or obnoxious but go for it! Be
bold! You know, be a bold leader in everything that you do! Share ideas! Push
for them! Where you can’t affect change, okay, you pull
back a little bit and see what you can accomplish. But I know you’ve heard this
saying before– nothing ventured, nothing gained. Many of you were not venturing.
Many of you are doing enough. Just enough . . . and you wonder why life is
mediocre. Winners find the way to win.. Losers have great excuses and they have
great explanations for why things happen the way they did. Do you want to be able
to explain it or do you want to try pushing for it? Greatness
comes about when a vision and action come together and yield the result. You’ve
got places in your career and in your life where you can be doing more. Don’t sell
yourself short and quit. Quitters wind up facing the
self-reflection that they’ve had mediocre lives. Be great! I hope you found
this helpful and provocative. If you did and you’re watching on YouTube, click
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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