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EP 194 I make mistakes. Do you? What mistakes do you make? I’ll tell you one of mine.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people. I help with job search,
hiring more effectively, managing and leading, being overall effective in the
workplace. Someone asked me a question, “Is it crossing the line if you ask
your interviewer at a job interview, if they’d like their own job at the company?”
I suspect a fairly junior person just by the language of the question. Let me ask you
a question. What do you think they’re
going to say? Seriously, what do you think they’re going to say? Do you think they’re suddenly going to confess?
“Oh, I’ve always hated it here. I don’t know why they bring me into these interviews. I
hate this company. I hate my job. I hate my life.”
Of course, not and, thus, it’s a pointless question. At best, at best, you’ll hear the
good points about the job and bad points about the job. What are the good points?
And that’s really it. That’s the best that you can get.
But what might be a better question is to ask, “What prompted you to join here?
What attracted you to this organization? How long have you been here now (Why
you haven’t looked at the the LinkedIn profile to see how long they’ve been
there? I don’t know. I’m trying to make conversation with someone, but you
would know that answer)? How long have you been here now? How has your career evolved since joining?”
And those kind of questions can be useful to you, particularly if you’re talking to a
member of the team, rather than the hiring manager. The hiring manager is
always going to blow smoke up your butt. . . But that’s their job. They needed a job
filled. They want to attract someone to do the work.
Remember, everyone lies in hiring. You’re exaggerating your capabilities. They’re
exaggerating the opportunity that’s being presented to you. And recruiters are, shall
we say, lying about the opportunity, too because they’re being paid by a company
to deliver someone who goes to work there. They have an interest in doing that.
So, think of better questions than, “Do you like your job?” and things like that. Think
in terms of things that you can really elicit from someone that would help you understand what it’s like working there.
Like, here’s a simple question. What’s a typical day like for you? And that’s for
staff person. If you are talking to a hiring manager, “What would a typical day like
be for me joining on your team? How do you think someone who performs well
might evolve in their career?” Things along those lines serve you better than,
“Do you like your job?”
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