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One of The Biggest Mistakes Managers Make When Interviewing | No BS HIring Advice

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses one of the biggest mistakes hiring managers make when they interview someone.


Hi, I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’d been a professional recruiter for more than 40 years now filled more than 1200 positions, yada, yada, yada. And I do a weekly video at a minimum, that’s some element of staffing, hiring, recruiting, however you want to refer to it, in order to help people be more effective with their work. Now, if you like this video, by the way, subscribe to my channel, which is TheBigGameHunterTV. You’ll see an icon pop up in the lower right fairly soon, if it’s not already there. And you just click that. You’ll be able to subscribe.

Yeah, this is a mistake that way too many employers make and, you know, I’ll just describe it very simply from something that happened with a candidate that I represented to a client not too long ago. What happened for this person is they went on an interview, they were asked two or three questions, and then the manager went off on a monologue for a half hour where they talked about the environment, they talked about what they were doing, they talked about themselves, their background, and the person was asked, basically to sit there and listen while this person talked for 20, 25 minutes.

Now, I wasn’t there. Maybe this is a slight exaggeration. But when someone tells me they were sitting there for 20 minutes nodding their head and trying to fight off a yawn, it means something to me. So, whether it was 20,25, or 10, or 15, its way too long.

Your job as a hiring managers and HR professionals, a small business owner, is to ask great questions in order to deduce whether or not this person fits what you’re looking for. Not fits your company because you don’t have the skills or ability to do that. Let’s not kid ourselves. You may think that Ramesh can’t fit in with, I don’t know, Win or Susan or whomever. But the fact of the matter is, if they’re qualified, everyone will find a way to fit as long as this person is not a wild individual. . . And even then, they may be a great hire for you because you don’t want to have too many people who are identical in their thinking working in the same department.

Where do you get good input then? Sometimes, you want to replicate. But that’s for another talk. I’ll just simply said, If you spend a lot of your interview talking, and not enough time asking questions and listening, all you’re doing is projecting attributes on to this person without really knowing if they’re qualified or not.

I can prepare standardized questions in advance so you have a baseline for what you want to investigate in order to determine if they’re qualified. You can ask follow up questions that aren’t on the script in order to explore more, some questions that might test competency or perhaps a written exam or something that they can do online but I prefer the “in front of you kind of thing” because, you know, this may be a shock to you, but sometimes people lie. They have a friend take the test for them.

But no matter standardized questioning in advanced, spend more time listening than talking.

I’m Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful. Visit my website, There’s a lot more there that you can watch, listen to read. Also remember, subscribe to my channel. I no longer do recruiting so disregard this portion of the video.. I’m Jeff Altman Hope you have a great day. Take care.



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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