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Preparing for 1:1s With Your Staff | No BS Management Advice

Bill Campbell was Steve Jobs’, Eric Schmidt’s, and Larry Page’s coach. The book, Trillion Dollar Coach B076ZHG3H3 offers insights into his thinking about leadership. In this video, I discuss how to do a one-to-one session with a subordinate a la Campbell


I’ve been rereading a book called Trillion Dollar Coach about Bill Campbell, who was Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt’s coach in their firms. And for those of you who are new coaches, I want to point out that one of the things he considers very important is having a structure for your one on ones with staff, and taking the time to prepare them in advance.

So the framework for the one on ones that he suggests is, number one, performance on some job requirements. Maybe sales figures, could be product delivery or product milestones, could be customer feedback, or product quality or budget numbers. What is the performance like?

Also, the relationship with peer groups in order to foster company integration and cohesiveness. Are they interfacing with product and engineering, marketing and product, sales and engineering? And getting feedback from those people in advance of the one on one.

Their management and leadership style? Are they guiding and coaching their people? Are they weeding out the bad ones? Are they working hard at hiring? Are they able to get their people to do heroic things? And that’s an interesting term– heroic things, big things, big efforts, getting the results from it?

Are they inspiring people to greatness? Innovation, best practices? Are they constantly moving ahead and thinking about how to continually get better? Are they constantly evaluating new technologies, products practices? And how do they measure themselves against best in industry best in the world, best in class.

Interesting benchmarks, aren’t they? Because what you’re asking someone to do is to think bigger than just simply I’m doing the job I was hired to do. You’re trying to encourage them, not boss them, but encourage them to excellence, superiority, professionally being world class so that people get the results that the organization needs.

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