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EP 188 Dwelling of mistakes is a past time of mine This episode is as much for me as for you.


This is The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast, episode 188. I’m your host, Jeff
Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome. I’m spending time regular talking with you about some
elements of life the universe and everything because I don’t believe it
has to be that complicated we tend to think that our situation is unique to us
we tend to make things more complicated often than they need to be. And I’ll just
simply solve by saying a lot of people second-guess themselves in their
decisions. You made a mistake. That’s the fact of it. You made a mistake. And then
they go through the process of self-flagellation beating themselves up
whipping their backs punishing themselves frequently because they
weren’t perfect who said you were supposed to be perfect how did you get
that message that you might never make a mistake? Like you’re not a machine. This
isn’t zero defect manufacturing. How did you get that message? And really, that isn’t
important how you get it? You got it put it in a parent could have been
school. Somewhere along the lines, you learned I can’t make a mistake and, thus,
you put yourself at a confinement box that limits your ability to step up and
play big in the world. Folks, a lifetime isn’t gonna last forever. Trust me. If you’ve
ever seen my face you’ll know I know where I’m talking about I’ll just simply
say you gotta get going. The circumstances– it is what it is
now what are you gonna do with that information what are you gonna do to
change things? How do you move forward from this point so that you can get to
where you want to get to in the first place your life doesn’t have to be
perpetual sorrow, nor should it be. Your life should be glorious and
delightful and pleasant and the fact is you’re gonna make mistakes punishing
yourself isn’t going to change anything. AND it’s just gonna leave you stuck in a
lot of pain. Go out there again. Do something grand. Don’t quit keep going.
I remember reading a book many years ago, “The Gulag Archipelago”
written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn I didn’t finish it
the reason I didn’t finish it was I kept rereading a chapter over and over again
and the result wound up being I couldn’t start the new chapter let alone finish
the book as I kept rereading the previous chapter folks I’m gonna bring
that to your life you made a mistake and here’s some facts for you if you keep
dwelling on the past, you’re never gonna move to a new place
You’re gonna be stuck where you are, just like I was in that book. It’s time to get
going. Get busy 11 or as the Stephen King movie
says get busy living or get busy dying
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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