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Environments win. What can you do to reduce the interference?


I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a coach who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways and today I want to talk with you about friction and
the importance of reducing friction you know one thing I noticed along the way
in my career when I worked in search was that there were things in the
organizations I work for, even at times the ones that I owned that created
friction that interfered with the ability to be successful I’ll give you
an example. When I with the last firm I was associated with, there were people in
the organization who would steal from others
And we were expected to keep up our morale up and pretend nothing had happened.
There were times when the owner got sued for discrimination. You think we’re all
sitting around happy is we’re being subpoenaed by lawyers now these are
extreme examples but look at the day-to-day environment
What is your desk like? Lots of papers there? Is it noisy around you? I’m I’m going to
talk about it’s quiet like a monastery, but is there lots of noise around you
that makes it hard for you to concentrate? Or is there no noise, a problem? You
prefer to have some no matter what it is all these things kind of interfere with
success and I tend to think in terms of what eliminates friction now when you’re
a leader or management organization you have control of these factors do people
have the right tools to do their job do they need to keep repeating themselves
when they’re on the phone with customers in order to be understood?
What is getting in the way in the physical environment is the lighting
poor the soundproofing poor what is it and for use an employee I tend to think
of it as what exists within the environment that’s interfering with your
success and can you get rid of it can you get
rid of it what makes it pleasant for you and the encumbrances can you get rid of
them so you can do what you need to and if the encumbrance is your boss maybe
you have a conversation with she or he in order to ensure that the conversation
is open and if they say sorry this is the way I am you’ve got a choice to make
and I know which one you should take I hope you find this helpful I’m Jeff
Altman. My website is Visit the site. Go exploring.
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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