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EP 107 I’m going to step on the electric rail of politics and how we communicate with one another.


This is The No BS Coaching Advice podcast, Episode 107. I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Welcome. I like to spend some time regularly talking with you about some elements of life, the universe and everything. Happy New Year. First of all, I’m recording this on December 31st, 2018. I hope everyone, yourself included, of course, has a wonderful new year with health, emotional prosperity and whatever form of prosperity you wish.

Now, on today’s show. I thought I would talk with you, not about the theme of prosperity today, but the theme of humanity. And I’ll start off by talking about American politics. Oh, I’m going to step on that rail and simply say I watch my friends attempt to destroy other people rather than listening to them. And their arguments are basically infantile.  I say that because they’re little more than slogans that they are repeating from other people.

“What about-ism.”

What a wonderful slogan to try to dismiss someone without it attempting to counter their arguments. Well, sometimes that “what about” is valid, right? After all, you use that when you attack someone else. You use “what about-ism”. It’s all part of the same nonsense made to divide us.

I’m going to encourage you to take a little bit of time to slow down. Think about your opinions. Listen to others. I’m not saying to agree to them but if we’re going to relearn (and I’m going to say it that way), if we’re going to relearn how to respect other people, even if we disagree with them, it starts with us. It doesn’t start with them conforming to your opinion.  You’ve listened. You respond with courtesy. You talk it out. You don’t shout them out. That’s what I think.

Segment 2:  So, I want to be clear here. I’m not in any way suggesting that people should put a little happy smile button face on when they disagree with someone and sing Kumbaya, strumming a guitar.  We’re all one.  We’re entitled to disagree and that’s the point.  We’re entitled to disagree without being shouted at, abused, perpetrated against or otherwise bullied.

I know that’s not what’s believed in by either side. Lord knows, there were enough people at Trump rallies and we’ve seen enough episodes at restaurants where we know that this is tolerated and accepted as the right thing to do . . . And it’s wrong.

I want to repeat that.

It’s wrong, no matter who’s doing it, under any circumstance. Is this what you want to show your child? Seriously, is this what you want to show a child as appropriate behavior? We will never find a way to agree or come together. If all we do is perpetrate violence against one another I don’t believe it and deep down inside, I know you don’t believe it.

Segment 3: Social media. We’ve all heard the stories of people who’ve lost opportunities, who hurt themselves professionally and personally through bad behavior that they’ve done online.

You’re an adult. I want to remind you that you are an adult and their consequences for your actions. You can be a big shot right now and say, “hey, I don’t care. This is more important,” until you lose something that’s really valuable to you.

You’re either adding credibility or losing it by everything that you do.

I’m not suggesting wimping out . . . Whatever that means. I’m not suggesting that you not have the courage of your convictions, but I am saying watch your tongue. You never know who’s watching you and how costly that could be for you.


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