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I struggle with this sometimes and maybe you do, too. What can you do to structure your schedule and get results?


I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I’m a career coach, a leadership coach
and I help people in organizations be more
effective. It can be a job search, hiring more effectively
managing and leading, workplace-related stuff and this is a workplace-related
thing which involves setting priorities.. I know at times I struggle with this
because i get ping-ponged from one thing to another
so I try to follow a particular formula that I find very effective. Let’s see how
it works for you. Each day I try to outline at least two
things but really two things are my minimum that I have to do on a
given day. So, a minimum of two. And
part of that is what’s its return on investment?
What do I get out of this in terms of an outcome?
Does it satisfy my goals in some way?. Does it contribute to the goals I’ve set
for my month or my year and has this been something I’ve
been thinking about for a while or been putting off?
See, the putting off part is one of those triggers that
or that signal, that suggests that I’m procrastinating for a reason. I need to
pay attention to that and thus if I do it, will it
help me do the things that I really need to do?
Now, for you, you may focus on the two things that you have to do for your day
and one of the things I’ll suggest to you is who is this
important to? you? Your boss?. Who’s assigned this and made it so
important to you that you need to address it?
And is it important, actually important?. Remember,
other people try and throw things at you and, yes,
you do have to adapt at times because out of the blue can come
something significant that’s going to cause you to
pause this thing and move on to the next.. But think about it for a second. What’s
most important to you that you have to do today?
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I hope you have a terrific day and be great!
Take care!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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