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EP 183 Conversations with concurrent themes came together for this week’s show. I hope you’re enjoying the increased frequency

This is The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast,
episode 183, I’m your host, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
and welcome. i like to spend some time, at this point, it’s now a couple of times
a week,, talking with you about different elements of life, the universe
and everything. And i love when a couple of themes come
together into an idea. i was listening to a friend of mine talk
this past Sunday. A number of us gather online
To check in with one another and make sure we’re okay andt
provide some support to one another. In passing,
one of them said “I don’t know what’s in the unknown.”
Well, that’s that’s a pretty obvious statement, of course.
You know, it’s a homer Simpson “DOH!” moment. And then today, i was listening to
someone talk about shadow networks– the networks
of relationships that aren’t obvious that exist and how people sometimes
will come together and that one of the complicated things
about our time as we’re dealing still with Covid-19 is
that we’re not in the visual contact that we’re used to
to notice these shadow networks. For example,
if you were in person at a meeting, you might notice
who people sat down next to you, right?. And you’d also notice
whether they talk to anyone immediately after the meeting, right?
We’re not seeing that now. We’re not seeing who’s
checking in with one another afterwards to connect with one another. And that’s
where the shadow really is in the networking. We have to be that
much more alert to subtlety during these times than ever before.
There’s nothing wrong with people doing this.
And, i just want to be absolutely clear about it.
But it’s about who’s in relationship with whom. who you’re in relationship
with and who others are, as well, in order to take these factors into
account when you’re promoting ideas or making decisions
Some of you may have heard the term or the phrase, i should say,
“What we revere is a reflection of what we
value and what we spend time with reflects that often. So,
i’ll just simply say, we live in a time where we develop cultural
comfort, where there’s the ability through
wealth, laziness, a whole bunch of different factors, to
never put ourselves in the position of
discomfort. And the only discomfort is really
“first world problems.” It’s probably the best way i could put it.
Most of your problems have been first world problems.
If there’s nothing else that this pandemic should have shown you
is that you have the ability to thrive throughout this time, more than two
months, almost three at this point, and get to the other
side of it. Folks, stop whining get busy
living. And i’m not telling you to break quarantine. I’m not,
you know, I’m at an age where i’m at risk and
my wife is at risk, as well for different reasons.
I’ll just say to you, folks, get busy living your life and stop pissing
and moaning. It’s just not worth it

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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