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WOW! Employers lie to people they interview. I thought it was just recruiters. Actually, I know employers lie.


I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I worked in search for more than 40 years, filled more than 1200 full time positions plus consulting assignments. Now, I coach people. I help organizations be more effective with hiring people, with job search, managers manage better people in the workplace to a better job.

Now, I’ve done a series about stupid hiring mistakes. And this one is the most appalling one to me. And it happens much more often than people want to admit. And I’ll prove it to you. And this is the mistake of managers lying to job hunters.

Now, let me just share from my experience in search. I did it for more than 40 years. I prepared organizations for interviews. I talked to candidates before and after interviews, and no one, no one ever said to me, “You know, we’ve got a terrible role here. You know, I’ve got a team of losers. And the person who sat in this seat before, well, I want to hire someone because, frankly, the person who sat in that seat before left after three months, and the one before that, left in six, and, you know, I can’t bring on people fast enough because they will hate the work and they hate the environment.”

No one ever says that. They will put on these happy smile button faces. And no one takes blame for themselves and for their own faults and why people leave or exaggerating what the work was. They just have the happy smile button face on. And they talk about a terrific opportunity with a great team of people. “Did I mention we’re like family around here?” A family in the holiday movies, where they’re all at one another’s throats! That’s the kind of family that many firms have there.

So, I just want to remind you, you know, what would do a lot better is if you said to someone that you interviewed, “you, you know, I’ll tell you, we’ve got a tough project, or a group that has a lot of demands placed upon it. It’s not uncommon that people are working a lot and, eventually, they burn out. I try and do my best to keep people in place. But, you know, people get worn out and they wind up leaving. Sometimes, that’s in 18 months; sometimes it’s in nine months, but people wind up leaving. And you know, it’s a tough situation.”

No one ever does that. And you know what? You’d get less turnover if you did that, because in exaggerating what’s going on there, you’re causing people to be disappointed and they found find out fast, don’t they?

The statistics on manager dissatisfaction with hires, or shall we say buyer’s remorse is within 18 months, you folks regret the hire that you made at least 50% of the time, I’ve seen numbers as high as 70. But the lowest one I’ve seen is 50. Why do you want to set up those conditions for yourself? Wouldn’t it be better if you just scared people off who are going to be disappointed and just kept the ones that are . . .who are going to be willing to do that? I think so. And, yes, you don’t have to do the cost of retraining. You don’t have to waste people’s time with multiple interviews. You can just point people on and not worry about. To me that’s a lot smarter.

I’m Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful. Visit where I’ve got a lot more there that you could watch, listen to or read, that’ll help you with staffing, will help you with job search, managing, being better in the workforce. Hope you find this helpful.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years. His work involves career coaching, all as well as executive job search coaching, job coaching and interview coaching. He is the host of “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” the #1 podcast in iTunes for job search with more than 1700 episodes and “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast” and is a member of The Forbes Coaches Council. “No BS JobSearch Advice Radio” was named a Top 10 podcast for job search. is also a Top 10 YouTube channel for job search.Career Angles | Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter Him

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