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Something Reid Hoffman said on his podcast, “Masters of Scale” reminded me of something that I think you’ll find worthwhile.


I love when i hear something that triggers a memory and it comes together in a place like this. I was listening to a podcast interview where Reid Hoffman was speaking with a guest (I’ll get to what he said) but it reminded me of something from years ago when I purchased a new piece of technology equipment. It was a recently announced product and I had one of the first devices out of the factory . . .  and it didn’t work. It just didn’t work right. I eventually got in touch with the number two person in the organization who  in his own inimitable way reminded me of something which is “Pioneers take arrows in the back.”

I was stunned when he said it to me. It’s obviously true. You know, my expectation is when the product gets shipped, it’s going to work, right? Don’t you have the same thing? Like, if you get a car, if you get a refrigerator, it’s going to work right? But this one didn’t. They sent me another one. That one didn’t work. They got it right on the third try and they didn’t want the other two boxes back.

So, remembering pioneers take arrows in the back. Now, when I was listening to Hoffman, he said something that was wonderful.

“Even when you’re pursuing a contrarian plan, you don’t always need to carve your own route through  impassable mountain ranges. Instead, you can follow the course of a river. After all, it has already carved the path of least resistance. The real skill lies in spotting where the strongest current lies, and then positioning yourself so it propels you towards your goal.”

How many of you are trying to be pioneers, trailblazing, instead of allowing the current to take you to where you want to catch it?

When push comes to shove, when you’re fighting and striving, arguing with the way the universe is delivering you, you’re like that pioneer. You’re going to take an arrow in the back, versus even when you’re going into a contrarian direction, finding where the current is going to taking, taking it and let it propel you there.

You don’t have to do it so hard; it can be easier. Enjoy being in the current. Let it take you to where it needs to take you. And, you know, when you get there, you’re going to collect a lot of money anyway, right? You’re going to be a happier person. So just go with the flow. Okay?





Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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