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EP 141 The announcement of a star quarterback’s retirement is the theme for today’s inbetween-aside.


Hi, it’s Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and you’re listening to an in-between-a-sode, in effect, Episode 141, of “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast.” When I do an in-between-a-sode, it’s a short segment based upon something that’s happened that I just think is worth sharing.

The story for today comes from the retirement of a football player, Andrew Luck, who spoke about a vicious cycle that he was living with injury, pain, rehab, that’s taken the joy out of his playing football. So unexpectedly, he decided to retire. I think of my own vicious cycle of insult, rationalization apology, and how that sapped the joy out of my work and some of my relationships in the past.

When you start to ask yourself the question, “is it worth it,” or “should I put up with this,,” or whatever the question is, that’s normally the beginning of the slide because it’s the chink in the armor, the little dent in the armor of your persistence. Most of life is hard. Most of life has challenges to it. Some we can swat away easily but as we’re worn down, we start to put up with things that we don’t need to put up with.

So, I just want to point this one out from the sports news that there are times where it does make sense to walk away and to be aware of when you start having too many doubts, it’s time to go. No question about it. He spoke about how, from a previous injury, that if he ever faced such a fork in the road, it was going to be time to leave the sport. He faced it and did the right thing for him. You do the right thing for you.

If you want to persist the second time, by all means go do it but, recognize,, that, at this point, you’re on the cycle that’s going to take you out the door. Start making plans for an alternative.

I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll be back soon with the regular show. Hope you have a great day.


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