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The holy trinity of regret

The Holy Trinity of Regret | The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast

What is the holy trinity and how does it affect us? That’s Jeff’s topic today.


I want to talk with you today about “the holy trinity of regret,” which was a term I heard coined on a podcast today as part of a comedy routine that someone was dissecting. Believe it or not, the holy trinity of regret is a comedy routine.

What the Holy Trinity is is “shoulda, woulda and coulda. Shoulda, woulda, amd coulda because these are poisons that eat at us and they cause us to think to ourselves, that we’re screw-ups.

You see, it’s not enough that you say to yourself, “I made a mistake.” You have to really, really eat at your insides, like a poison in order to really damage your psyche.

Hey, folks, I’m going to let you in the secret. You’re going to make mistakes. You really are. You are going to make mistakes. As a result, I’ll just say to you that there’s no point to poisoning yourself in this kind of way. You are so much better off just saying to yourself, “okay, I made a mistake. What do I learn from this? What can I learn from this so I don’t repeat it,” rather than going through the big drama.

The Holy Trinity is going to hurt you to no end and it serves no value. Let’s move on from it.


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