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The Mega Networking Event

I was told to arrive at the hotel by 8:45 so when I arrived at 8:30 and began “the drive of death” around the parking lot looking for parking and found none, I was annoyed. I debated whether I should “create a spot” in a place where it was not intended, I decided not to. I was ina  car accident a few weeks ago and didn’t want to put my other car in a place where it could be dinged. I eventually parked at a fast casual restaurant’s parking lot a short walk away and made my way to the conference room.

I was previously registered and was given my tag with what table I would sit at for each round. After every 10 minutes, we move move to another table and do the same tango. 1 minute to present ourselves, exchange cards and, after about 10 minutes move to another table.

We were a group of 100 and although I am a good networker and presenter, somewhere around the 7th or 8th table of 12, I started to fade a little bit. There was a moment I became sooooooo punchy that I had trouble doing the same presentation I had already done 6 or 7 times before. All the while I earnestly collected cards to contact people after the day.

After leaving at a little after noon, I walked back to my car and raced back to do a 1 PM Skype with someone I coach, then a 2:00 call, a 3:15, and a 6:30 call with someone in Asia.

I can only remember a few faces and almost none of the pitches yet the only way to possibly have anything come of this is if I fall up tomorrow with a friendly email and do it again and again and again.


And I will do it because my experience says it works!

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