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EP 172 While we continue to feel the pressure/stress/emotions of this time in our lives, there are a few things to remember.


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this is the no BS coaching advice podcast episode 172 I’m the host Jeff
Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome. Welcome to another episode. Welcome to another
show! Oh!! We’re gonna have a good time today! And here we are, still in the midst
of the corona . . . Let’s try that again get your fee are still the myths of the
coronavirus crisis and captive in our homes, hiding away,
figuring out what am I gonna do next after all I have all this leisure time
not I know I don’t and I just simply say a friend of mine mentioned something to
me over the weekend that I thought was very helpful for me and you know I’ve
been in my house now for several weeks my wife briefly had a fever and we were
quite nervous because frankly she was supposed to have open-heart surgery this
coming Thursday we’ve postponed it but the idea of someone with heart issues
needing surgery and now having a fever . . . boy! I know it set me back and I know it
did for her, as well. So, my friend mentioned something to me that was helpful and
it’s the idea of the three-foot rule and rock climbing we’re about to climb up a
wall you don’t think about that entire distance that you have to go right you
just focus on the next three feet and you try to conquer that and move to the next
3 feet after that. Folks, while we’re all going through this let’s just put one
foot in front of the other focus on those next three feet and not worry
about anything else okay
Feeling worried. I know it seems like every news and cable show out there is
trying to get us to worry to be critical of this person or that person
but the real dominant feeling that I notice I feel when I watch the news is
worried. What’s gonna happen next?. Oh! This is gonna be horrible! You know
how many hundred thousand people are gonna die
and worry doesn’t really accomplish anything but once I can strip out the
feeling of worry I can start looking at the present which is really where I need
to be because therefore when you think about that first segment I did it’s
about staying in the present moment. When I worry I’m thinking about the future.
I’m not in the present and if I’m gonna move forward I have to move three feet
at a time small distances take small actions to move ahead isn’t that true of
you, too? So, now that we feel agitated, Now that we’re frightened, what happens next?
for many people they lash out and others respond and are quick to take the bait
they don’t read what’s behind the signal there I know I struggle with that and
just respond to the immediate provocation when I slow down and I just
allow myself to be in the moment I’m less hasty with taking that bait and I
can be more relaxed and calm about things and not rise up to the
provocation. I put provocation in air quotes because it really isn’t. It’s
someone looking to connect with people who agree with them it’s someone looking
to feel something that allows them to be safe. Isn’t that what we all do?
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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