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Branding is incredibly important and so few people do it. Here, I encourage you to change your thinking and help yourself.


There is an old saw that says, “If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?” We know it makes a sound; it’s just that we don’t hear it.

Think Like a brandIn job search, in career planning, if you do a great job and no one knows it, How is someone going to want to hire you? You are going to blast out resumes.  You are going to become a spammer. You are going to be out there trying to network.  But that’s Trying to get people to know about you at the point where you have decided  that enough is enough And you are out trying to look for a job.

You see, what you want to be doing is setting up the circumstances Where you think of yourself as a brand Like Google does, like Facebook does, like GM does, like every major corporation, They are a brand that causes people to be attracted to them (Or, in some cases, repelled by them) And it is easier for them to sell to you because They have good “headspace” in your mind. You already think favorably of them and, as a result, you already want to buy their product or use their services.

However, as a human being, we don’t think of ourselves that way But, from a career standpoint, we do. So, I’ll simply remind you that if you do great work and no one knows about it, it becomes harder for you to find a new job.

If you do great work and you are always out there marketing yourself, Promoting yourself and you do things that makes people know about you, It is a lot easier and that’s the situation you want to be in.

If the role, the person who gets ahead isn’t always the smartest or work the hardest (although those a great qualities to have).  The person who gets ahead is the one who remains alert to opportunity.   Sometimes those opportunities are internal to an organization, but more often than not, they are external.



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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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