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Often, people mock government workers for the fact that they accept the idea of receiving the same pay increases whether or not they done a good job or not. Even agencies where there is discretion, often the differentiation is between those who are close to the decision-makers and those who aren’t as to who gets the higher raise.

No one likes to see the poor performers get a raise at the same percentage as we receive what we believe are doing a great job. We become resentful and disengaged in response to what we believe is professional malpractice.

The result is we stop trying. The result is we give less of ourselves in our heart to our organization.

The genius of leadership is the ability to recognize the people are different and give different results.

The genius of leadership is understanding what buttons to approach and when, as well as went to not push those buttons and still get great results.

Great sports coaches are considered great because they are able to channel the brilliance of their player without breaking their spirit.

Great business leaders do the same thing.

Mediocre business leaders and managers try to homogenize everyone instead of figuring out how to make the incredible talent succeed within their environment.

I’ve joked for many years about how few businesses would’ve hired Steve Jobs or Larry Ellison or Michael Dell and how much firms would have lost with decision not to hire these men given how much money they’ve help generate their firms.

Learning how to treat people differently means we get different results from, usually better.

What’s wrong with that?


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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