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Facing facts. Facing who you are and the decisions you’ve made . . . incredibly hard. (From the Archives–2016)


i’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and i coach people and organizations to
play big, to be full and rich
at whatever they do i was reminded this morning about trials by fire
as i saw a photo of a young woman . . . everyone’s young by comparison to me . . . of
a woman probably in her 30s and talking about her trial by fire
apparently she had been arrested her picture was on the front page of a
newspaper and now she had to come to grips with
herself and her choices. Now,
i don’t know what her circumstances were. I tend to attribute
things like that to alcohol and drugs because i don’t think
that most young boys or most young girls grow up
to say “i want to be on the front page of a newspaper because i was arrested.”
We make bad decisions. They become hard to get out of
and the trial by fire involves one key thing a decision . . .
a decision to change now in my life i remember a painful moment i was
married to someone who had an alcohol and drug problem and
eventually she made the decision not to live any longer we weren’t married
anymore she was on her own had served time in jail because of a dwi
and her decision was to end it all that decision had an effect on her
family, on me, on so many people
and i understand why she made it and yet there are decisions like this
young woman made to change her life that this wasn’t the
way that she wanted to live and you’ll face your version of a trial
by fire where you’ll have to make a choice.
i hope you remember this video and i hope you remember
that you can make a good choice and it’ll evolve effort
it’ll involve hard work and at times it may not seem like it’s succeeding
that you know if you slip in your sobriety
if you fall back in some way that you remember that you can pick
yourself up and try again and it may remain
hard it may remain difficult and painful and you can do it
you can get yourself to the other side like so many others
and so many others have had failures along the way just like you have
A trial by fire is a gift. It’s a tough one but it’s the one that
basically says, “I can decide to make a change. I
will help you with that and if you reach out for coaching
i’d love to help you. Visit my website, and get
some encouragement. Let me help you pick someone else to
help you but the most important thing is don’t do it
alone. Make choices and get support
to help you. Hope you have a great day take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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