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Today, it’s hard to imagine that when Google bought YouTube it is not universally seen as a great decision. At the time, you to was less than two years old, was operating at a loss on the founders’ credit cards. The purchase price of $1 .6 billion was seen as ridiculous and panned as Google’s first big mistake.

Some cynics questioned YouTube’s staying power. They had recently moved from offices above a pizzeria to new offices in San Bruno, CA, and had 67 employees at the time. They were compared to Napster because, like them, they were being deluged by copyright infringement lawsuits from uploaded videos of TV shows, movies, and other copyright material and would be sued into oblivion.

How different things are today! Google sought differently and had a vision for the future and executed on it. We all watch YouTube. If anything we have changed our viewing habits and complemented Google as a place where we learn and are amused.

In other words, as is often the case, the criticism was wrong.

Unnamed critics, gossips, and others take knives out and may stab at you to your face or, more often to your back, twisting it to cause the greatest damage, not simply to your ideas but to you and your self-confidence.


To seem smart?

To curry favor from those with power and authority?

To benefit themselves.

I remember reading many years ago that no society has ever erected a statue to a critic. Occasionally, a theater may be named after a literary critic but it seems like no one else is honored the same way that someone who takes a chance and succeeds is.

You can’t guarantee outcomes. You can guarantee effort to execute and deliver. After all, winners find the way to win. Sometimes that involves planning and execution. Often, when you go off the trail, it is effort and will.

Will it be you?

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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