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I discuss something firms should be doing to recruit talent.


I am Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and I coach firms icons people to play the
game much better and I do that job hunting to do then search I do that in
life coaching, as well. Now, this is a video for you as an employer, hiring
manager HR professional small business owner to help you be more effective with
your staffing. Now, there was a time where organizations could simply have her
for people and loads of great individuals wound up at their doorstep. And
you’d have people in the department interview and you’d hire people and the
world was easy didn’t feel that way at the time but certainly by comparisons of
these days it feels a lot easier here’s what I want to acknowledge you doing I’m
reminded of this by a friendly boy used to be a contract had a particular large
firm in New York and when she’s pointing out is that her firm and they are a
multi-billion dollar organization has adopted a strategy from startups and
that is it is not enough for people in the department to just interview they
have to be involved in the networking and recruiting process as well as the
interview. Now, what do I mean here? They’re out at networking events. They are
interviewing people first before HR in terms of individuals who may have
applied for a job they are trying to pull in technology people caring and
finance people they are out on the streets and talking about the employees
of the firm, trying to identify individuals through networking groups,
through interactions with friends of theirs without asking who do they know
it’s not just about the money employee referral bonus or something like that
(although some who are motivated by that), but, for many of them, what the motivation
is is working with a friend who they know can do the job
and that simple action is saving them a boatload of money and helping them fill
positions more quickly if your firm hasn’t adopted that strategy from
startups, you’re missing the boat.. Startups are known for doing that and
it’s not just simply management that does that it’s staff as well think like
a start up here can’t leave again get your people out there networking don’t
want to do it have it show up in their performance reviews really that will be
an attention-getter let them know it’s going to be one of the measures by which
they’re going to be evaluated is the degree to which they are out there
bringing in people for interviews they don’t necessarily need to be higher but
they need to be out there networking and bringing people. It may not be perfect but
it could be close that you’d want to hire.

I’m Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful. My website is There’s a lot more than that
you can watch, listen to or read that’ll help you with staffing. And if you are
trying to hire someone i’d love to help you call me (discontinued) or email
me at Jeff Albin and the big game hunter us hope you have a great day take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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