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What Kind of Game Are You Playing? |

When I was a kid in The Bronx, we knew who won and who lost. Now the games go on forever.


I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach for
and and games you know a lot of what we do
professionally is kind of like a game except we don’t see it as a game it’s
work it’s stuff we’ve got to do it’s tedium it’s a pain in that you know
where. And when I was young and I was with my friends in the Bronx
(Bronx, New York) not too far from Yankee Stadium, well, what we played . . . Let me try that again. . . when we
played a game, we knew who won. We knew, for example, you’re playing softball nine
innings, team that had the most runs on the board won. Basketball. Much the same
thing. 48 minutes later that the team that had the most points on the board
won the game often you know in my life. I’m playing what has been described as
an infinite game. It goes on forever.. There’s no way of knowing who won.
victory occurs because even if I suddenly proclaim I did great
I had a great month well there’s I’m thinking about what I worked in
recruiting and did sales you know the great month and the next month and
someone else might win that month and the month after that and the month after
that the game goes on forever and it’s one of the reasons why and frankly many
of us get exhausted and I’m wondering where you can set up a period of time
where you’re playing your game for so for example if I were thinking about
stopping smoking which I did many years ago or losing weight which I’ve got to
do now, what’s the game that I’m playing and how long does it last and do I win that
game if I get to that point and what do. I do
that helps me win. How do we measure success here? Does everyone agree to
these terms or does someone go “uh uh uh ,” and basically did the equivalent of a finger
wag is I just it to infinite games are hard to feel satisfied with and if you
were leading a group if you’re part of a group playing the infinite game is
exhausting there’s no win that people feel unless you create a short-term game
figure out where you can create victory where you can see the win in your life
celebrate that success it feels good doesn’t it we don’t celebrate enough and
I’m telling you if you create a little fun in the process of doing what you’re
doing, you will feel a lot better.
So, I hope you found this helpful I’m Jeff Altman. If you’re interested in my coaching you
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Take care!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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