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This is the magic question to focus on in your career.


What makes you different? What makes you stand out from your co-workers? What
makes you stand out from other people who do what you do throughout the world
this is the big question that a lot of people don’t know how to answer except
by giving trite answers I’m a hard worker everyone knows they can rely upon
me but this is the magic question of your personal brand what makes you
different because if you are like everyone else and trust me you’re gonna
be like a lot of other people, how does someone choose you? What makes
you any different than any of the other people that they could select whether
you’re job hunting or your current organization want to be considered for a
raise, wanting to be considered for a promotion.
how are you trying to stand out what should you do to stand there because if
you’re just like everyone else, you’re easy to ignore and dismiss. And if you don’t have
a solid brand that distinguishes you from the other people who do what you do
that makes you stand out in some way, you’re going to be ignored. You’re invisible.
You’re like a big sea of grey, your brand can involve your appearance and that
works for a while after all what we wear and what we look like is an influential
factor beyond simply the work that we do no one likes to hear that but we know
that it’s true and and in the workplace what makes you stand out who notices you
these are all questions that you have to start paying attention to if you haven’t
already done so I’m not going to offer you answers to this I’m just asking the
questions and you have to find those answers that fit for you. . . And I want to be
clear . . . that fit for you. Otherwise, just keep plodding along. That’s your choice.

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Jeff Altman,The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman,The Big Game Hunter

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