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When Did You Notice You Stopped Smiling?

When Did You Notice You Stopped Smiling? | Career Angles

When did things change for you?


Hi, I’m Jeff Altman, TheBig Game Hunter and I coach people and organizations to play bigger, to be more successful to enjoy themselves that much more as they’re doing so.

I noticed for myself, and judging by the fact that you’re watching this video, you may notice for yourself, too that the number . . . the amount of time you spend smiling, that you enjoy yourself in the course of the day is diminished a lot. I know that one day I woke up some years ago, and I noticed that I was so overwhelmed that I hadbusy so many things pulling on me for my attention, that the smile had just gotten completely wiped off my face. And I’ve got a good smile.

What can you do? Well, there are a lot of little individual things that you can do. And number one is put yourself in more situations that you enjoy. instead of always being so beleaguered, so overwhelmed, accepting so many things put in front of you, and agreeing to do them, start putting yourself into situations that you actually enjoy. See where you can bring the spirit of play or fun into your work life. Start playing with people a lot more, instead of starting to manipulate them.

I don’t presume that you’re a manipulator but that seems to be part of the way corporate life is. See where you can wind up t”delighting” that much more. And, best of all, I have to tell you hire a coach, whether it’s me or someone else. Find someone who can support you in your effort to to wake up and enjoy your life that much more. That’s your work life. That’s your personal life.

And it’s not about buying lots of toys. It’s not about always going out and doing stuff. You know, dinners out, don’t make you happy all the time. But it does involve shifting your mindset. And having someone who can support you in making that shift will go a long way toward being successful.

I’m Jeff Altman. Visit and get some more encouragement there. Hope you found this helpful. Have a great day.



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