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A recent session where I noticed something about the person I was coaching is the catalyst for this.


I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome to another episode of career
angles a weekly video that I do that’s designed to help you be more effective
in the workplace. I have a closed group on. Facebook. If you’d like to join, I still
have a few slots available for free after which time it’s going to be a paid
service. So Of course, you’re looking for the group called Career
Angles. And I want to share with you something that I observed recently. It’s
not the first time this has happened and it’s not going to be the last it
involves a person like coach who’s fairly good at what he or she does and
he or she is under a lot of pressure and they are driving hard to get results
during a year worth results have not been easy to come by and they wound up
in a situation where they are pushing hard really hard and the strain looks
quite profound for them the reason I raise this is that what I saw was
someone who’s bottled up and really didn’t have a place to let go some of
the pressure and might take it home and act out in ways that clearly are not
appropriate to do at home. Thus, what I want to encourage you to do,
folks is find a person or place where you can release the stress have an ally
a mentor a coach someone who you can talk with a wife husband or partner
who’s not invested in your career who can be there to listen and ask great
questions if you’re not comfortable don’t bring at home with you produce
someone or some other person to talk with. Like I
said a mentor, coach, someone who you trust professionally who you can use as a
sounding board because you can’t hold it in you can try but eventually what
starts to happen is people explode because all that pressure builds up it
builds up in your body and some way it has no place to go and then the
screaming starts, the anger and anguished thoughts and it doesn’t work , does it?
You’ve been in these situations before.. I’ve been in these situations before
where you needs someone to talk with.. Hire a therapist. You know, someone that is
covered by insurance. They may not be the most acute business person and they may
approach it from the standpoint of you and your personality . . . and that is
fine. But you need someone to talk with so you can sort out some of these issues
and not wait until after they explode until you just can’t hold in it you just
have to do with continually and work these things how to best handle some of
these situations that you’re in where you feel like head against the wall or
you feel like you’re failing or you feel like you’re not getting results get
someone to talk to. It will help you more than you know. I’m
Jeff Altman I hope you found this helpful if you did you’re watching on
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and take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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