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Winners Find The Way to Win But . . . | No BS Coaching Advice

Winners find a way to win and losers find the way to lose. I’ve said this for many years but there’s more to this adage than just that.



For years, I’ve made the statement… It’s an incomplete statement and understand why in a minute.

The statement is, “Winners find the way to win and losers find a way to lose.”

I would continue by saying, “One of the ways that winners find a way to win is that they know that losers are going to find a way to lose.” This is an advantage that is built into being a winning team, organization, person, whatever measure that you are using here.

What’s interesting to me is that I’ve never really spoken about what precedes that– the run-up in the learning to being a winner. Becoming a winner doesn’t happen instinctively. There is a lot of effort that goes into it and a lot of learning.

To use a sports example, it’s not just that Michael Jordan was a little baby and was handed a basketball and could dunk. Obviously, there were some physical development that had to take place and practice that occurred. There were a lot of mistakes and a lot of persistence that had to occur in order for him to develop that ability and winning attitude– the one that says, “I will not be defeated.”

For most of you, what happens is you think it happens instantaneously and you need to just arrive a winner. Perfect! Nothing could be further from the truth.

You need to go through your experiences and lessons and learn from them. You need to be determined to persevere because you are going to hit your head against the wall… That’s the nature of life! You are going to make some mistakes; again, that’s part of life. You need to learn from it and persist.

Winners eventually come up against moments of truth where they have to face down there fear, an opponent, whatever it is and persevere. Knowing that they have the skill\, the ability, and perhaps the team around them in order to be successful. While you are learning, be prepared to make mistakes. That’s okay as long as no one gets hurt by them.

Just keep going. Just keep pushing yourself.

I remember there was a sports coach that we talk about how every time 1 of his cornerbacks was beaten by a receiver, on a long ball, he would always pull up with the limp and he recalled that “the losers limp.” Many of us, myself included, have pulled up with that losers limp , making all sorts of excuses for the mistake that occurred that caused us to be beaten.

We didn’t look at it from the standpoint of, “Okay. What can I learn from this?” I approached it, and I know others do the same as well, with the remark of “circumstances were set up for failure,” or I assigned blame to others and, at times, myself.” Instead, the idea is to look at things without any sort of judgment or criticism.

“Okay. I made a mistake. Let’s figure out how to do it differently next time.” That is the attitude that helps you win. Not the self-flagellation. After all, what does that really do? It hurts you and makes it harder for you to be resilient. You’ve got to persist and that is how you become a winner.



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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