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I thought I would do a quick recording about ways you can tell you need a coach to help you.

If it’s taking you 2 weeks to get back to someone’s phone call  you really want to talk with but you just never get around to calling, you might need a coach.

If you want to make major breakthroughs, it is a lot easier To work with an ally to help you work your way through the process So that, in this way, you don’t flub things. You have someone that you can talk things through with.

A third way, and this is a fun one, if a person who is giving you as a referral to someone has the wrong email address and phone number so that no one can reach you, you can use a coach (Someone who wanted be to coach him  had a friend give me the wrong email address for him and his voicemail was not set up for his phone number).

Joking aside, coaching is helpful for people because you have an extra set of eyes and ears on your circumstances and you have someone who could sort things through with.

Look for coaching, whether it is me or someone else, It is better if you get some help.   Yes, you can do it with willpower, but it usually takes a lot more effort and energy.  If you don’t have a coach.

———————————————————-Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked in recruiting for what seems like one hundred years. He is the head coach for and

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